Business consequences of ransomware

Businesses of all sizes need to conduct good continuity planning.  This can be challenging for small businesses due to limited resources.  Part of continuity planning and disaster recovery planning is to evaluate the current threat landscape and possible geographic threats.  The threat of ransomware is not a new threat, but one that has become increasingly

Auditing different Operating Systems

There are a number of settings that require configuration to enable the correct level of logging and auditing.  This, of course varies by the operating system that is doing the logging.  Linux uses syslog which is stored in a basic text file format.  This allows for the easier reading without any need for special interfaces. 

Businesses and wireless networks

Managing networks in today’s business landscape is increasingly challenging.  Keeping up with routers, switches, and firewalls, as well as the firmware and operating system upgrades can keep a system administrator busy.  Most organization’s today offer wireless access to employees, and some provide a guest network as well.  Wireless networks are viewed as a valuable asset

IoT vulnerabilities

As mentioned in the earlier blog about the Internet of Things, there are significant risks.  Looking at how these various IoT devices become more integrated into enterprise systems, it is essential to understand the configuration and management requirements associated with these devices.  IoT devices may not be perceived as something that is a threat to

Why should I have a complex password?

You may think to yourself, why do I have to have a password with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols?  The answer is quite simple.  As technology continues to advance, so does a hackers capability to crack passwords.  It used to take someone several months to crack passwords that today would take a matter of seconds