What is cybersecurity?

Several years ago cybersecurity primarily involved the security of computers and networks.  These efforts focused heavily on corporate environments and did not deal much with consumers.  Today the world is different.  We have stretched our ability to connect devices and having done so, require to consider cybersecurity implications for businesses and individuals alike.

So what exactly is cybersecurity?  Oxford (n.d.) defines cybersecurity as the protection or protective measures taken to prevent unauthorized or criminal use of electronic data.  Basically, cybersecurity involves protecting information such as credit card information, social security numbers, or other sensitive personal information.  This information is typically associated with different activities on the internet, such as making purchases.

How can you protect this information?  One of the most important things to do to protect yourself online is to limit your exposure of personal information.  For instance, social media websites often have the ability to share significant amounts of information about yourself; this capability should be carefully considered and in most cases, disabled.  Oversharing of information allows for someone who has bad intentions to be able to “connect the dots” and discover personal information.


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